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Eurex Feed Exclusive Limited Time Offer.

After the great success of HyperTrader Forex feed (more then 2000 subscribers in six months), HyperTrader, in collaboration with Il Sole 24 ORE Business Unit Finanza, announces a special package for Eurex Traders including the best TradeStation 2000i and MetaStock Professional native Link.

Eurex Special Offer for Free Tools Users includes:

• NetTrader Workstation, our flagship charting and technical analysis application.
• Real Time streaming feed
• 100 Symbols viewable at one time
• Eurex Exchange Level 1
• Forex Exchange - More then 600 Forex Currencies (main and exotic currencies are included)
• Main World-wide Indices
• 14 calendar days backfill for Tick
• Unlimited backfill for Intraday and Daily
• Unlimited email and Live support
• Native link for TradeStation 2000i and MetaStock Professional (backfill functionality embedded). The offer includes one link only (TradeStation 2000i or MetaStock Prof.)

From January 21, 2006 HyperTrader feed will be extended to:
• Nirvana OminiTrader RT
• AmiBroker
• Ensign
• AbleSys ASC 6.0
• Advanced GET

Only for Eur 81/month.

We invite you to explore NetTrader Workstation at http://www.hypertrader.net/tutorial.html and to contact us with any questions you may have.
"Los sistemas de trading pueden funcionar en ciertas condiciones de mercado todo el tiempo, en todas las condiciones de mercado en algún momento del tiempo, pero nunca en todas las condiciones de mercado todo el tiempo."

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